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Solid Ceramic

MSI specializes in injection molding custom solid ceramic parts, as well as incorporating all types and sizes, of solid ceramics, into transducers where solid ceramic meets the requirements. MSI can provide pieces of ceramic, sub-assemblies, or complete transducers.

  • Custom sizes and shapes
  • Different PZT types
  • Design Support
  • Components, Subassemblies, Complete Transducers
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Telescoping Tubes


MSI’s state of the art equipment, including a dicing saw, allows MSI to produce custom parts for prototyping out of standard plates of ceramic. This allows you to prove out the design, before investing in tooling and other costs for production.

Injection Molded Solid Ceramic

MSI’s unique ceramic injection molding process allows us to produce custom ceramic parts in high volume at a low cost.

MSI specializes in custom designed transducers to fit any application.