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MSI is a global leader in the design and development of commercial transducers and arrays for more than 30 years. However, meeting the cost needs of this market was always a challenging obstacle for MSI to hurdle, until MSI was acquired by Airmar Technology Corporation. Today, we lead the way with low-cost products derived from MSI’s design and material expertise and Airmar’s high volume production capabilities. Let us show you how MSI will deliver on your design needs and cost targets.

Product Examples

  • Synthetic Aperture Sonar (SAS)
  • ACOMMs
  • Sidescans
  • Forward Lookers
  • Diver Detection

How We Do Business

MSI likes to engage early on in your design process, to help you work through design trade off and maximize your performance while minimizing your cost. During the design process MSI can leverage years of transducer design experience to help you achieve your performance goals, while leveraging MSI and Airmar’s high volume manufacturing expertise.

  • Design support, an extension of your design team
  • Proven designs and materials
  • Long track record of successful design to production programs
  • Custom designs as well as Build-to-Print or Spec

MSI Design Prototype and Production

MSI specializes in custom designed transducers to fit any application.