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Custom Defense and Commercial Transducers

MSI Transducers specializes in custom transducers and arrays for both commercial and defense markets. MSI’s broad design and manufacturing capabilities has enabled us to build everything from state-of-the-art synthetic aperture sonars, to low cost commercial arrays.


MSI is a leader in custom piezo composite transducers and arrays in the defense market. MSI has been a partner in developing many complex and revolutionary transducers for the defense industries under SBIR’s, direct to the Navy work, and as a subcontractor for a number of primes.

  • Proven Defense contractor with years of experience
  • Arrays provided for programs of record
  • Awarded many Phase 1 and Phase 2 SBIR’s
  • Many different products; SAS, ACOMM’s, Sidescan’s, Forward Lookers
  • Multitude of Applications; Mine hunting, Surveying, Communications, Navigation
  • Custom designs as well as Build-to-Print or Spec


MSI has developed a number of commercial transducers and arrays over the years, however since being acquired by AIrmar, MSI has expanded their capabilities in the commercial market. Leveraging years of design experience, MSI has been able to integrate many of the commercial manufacturing processes and materials to produce commercial products priced and scalable for the commercial markets.

  • Engineering to help get the most capability while balancing cost targets
  • Phased prototyping approach to minimize cost while developing the final product in stages
  • Rapid prototyping and low run production
  • High volume, low cost, production manufacturing

MSI specializes in custom designed transducers to fit any application.