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Synthetic Aperture Sonar (SAS) Transducers

MSI has developed and manufactured a number of SAS transducers for high end defense applications as well as low cost commercial systems.

SAS Advantages

  • Coverage rates up to 3x conventional side scan
  • Long rage capabilities
  • High Definition Sonar

MSI Advantages

  • Composite assemblies provide wide bandwidth
  • Conformable for curved solutions
  • Custom configurations and apertures
  • Extensive design experience

Configurable Array Size

SAS arrays can be built to be modular, allowing independent models to be combined to cover multiple areas by using 1, 2, 3, etc modules, while holding critical tolerances required in SAS systems.

  • Modularity
  • Multiple array lengths using same base module to keep cost down
  • High precision
  • Lower cost options

6000 Meter Options

MSI has designed and manufactured SAS systems that are operating at 6000 meter depths.

MSI specializes in custom designed transducers to fit any application.